For business owners, leaders, future entrepreneurs, and passionate creatives who are seriously hungry to grow & scale their businesses.

For the Entrepreneur who wants to Scale their Business & Conquer their Goals THIS Year.

October 11th-13th, Los Angeles

A 3-day deep dive with the founders of Global Grit Institute, Dr Neeta Bhushan-Nawalkha and Ajit Nawalkha, to gain clarity, grow capacity, build connections and find real solutions to your business growth.

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Does this sound familiar?:

  • You started your company with the intent to make an impact in the world but you are now struggling to see 6-figures in your revenue stream.
  • You are passionate about what you do, what you want to do, but you have no clue what your next step should be.
  • You have a “decent” business, but you want “amazing”. You know you deserve “awesome”.
  • You aspire to be an industry leader, creator, and changemaker, but you feel you don’t have enough knowledge or support to get there.
  • You have a message inside you, it’s a burning desire. You are struggling to give it words to bring your message to life.
  • You want abundance in life, but it seems so far away and you already feel like giving up.
  • You’ve learned so many strategies and systems that you feel way more overwhelmed than in a good state to take action.
  • You feel like you are running out of time, that nothing is going fast enough.
  • You have attended the events, hired the coaches, have done too many courses to count, implemented what “they” said and it just didn’t work.

If you feel some or all of those to be true to you, you are not alone. This is the state we are in as an industry. When an industry grows fast, often chaos takes over the market.

As an educator, coach, and/or wellness professional, you should be aware that this industry is progressing at a very fast pace. We are talking about hundreds of millions transacted every single day.

You wonder, so why is this not working for me?

Most advice and training is unoriginal, backed by weak or no data, and often hearsay. This advice is almost often based on the individual results of a person. It’s not tested over time. It’s not tested over markets.

Which is why most advice sounds really specific, to the person giving the advice. And which is why it doesn’t and won’t really work for you.

What you need are real solutions to the real challenges you currently face. Solutions that have worked not once, not twice, but over a decade across several companies within the education and coaching industry.

You want to build your business, you want to scale your message, and build your impact in the world. You want the revenues to reach six or seven figures. You want to have time and creativity while doing it all. You may even want a small or large team that treats your goodness the right way.

Over the last decade working with many now famous brands, we found there are four main tenets that create predictable growth again and again.

The Four Tenets of Predictable Growth

In the past decade, we found there are 4 tenets that, once focused on, have created extraordinary results for our clients.


Knowing where you are going creates an accelerated pace for you and your business to get there.

Having clarity in business means:

  • You are laser focused on what’s vitally important and are creating better results on the things, areas that are important
  • There are clear accountability structures that help you get past your internal fears, create predictable progress in tasks and allow for team members to know what is expected of them
  • You have certainty of action, progress and as a consequence, you have certainty of results
  • You feel like you are moving fast enough because you can see progress and see what is the cost of action and inaction
  • Your “knowing” that you are meant for great things now starts to become a reality


We show up with impact and bring abundance in our lives when you build capacity for it.

Building capacity in business means:

  • You have the right approach to business and challenges that arise in business. You are aware of what can bring up emotions, challenges and fears and have a way to navigate them
  • You have a format to build a team of right individuals for your business, you know who you need to hire, how to hire them and how to track their performance
  • You understand how money works, how cash flow works and are able to manage it in a way that supports expansion
  • You are building emotional resilience for the coming times of big impact, responsibility, and multiple streams of revenue so you can manage your internal self


Supporters and cheerleaders who believe in what you do and are there to offer a listening ear when you need it creates space for expansion.

Building connection in business means:

  • You have a core group of supporters who understand your message, purpose and passion . They support you in your journey
  • You are able to be present to what shows up and respond to it with the support of your community
  • You have meaningful personal relationships in the work environment that make work “fun”
  • You are connected to your team members, your home team in a way where they see their future with you and you see how you contribute to their future


Having the right advice, knowing what are the right actions to take without guesswork, allows for the creation of results without overwhelm.

Consulting in business means:

  • Having access to proven models of generating revenue in business so you don’t have to guess how to make the business profitable
  • Understanding how human behavior and decision making works so you can get more humans to work with you
  • Resources around building advertising, viral videos and content that sticks so your impact goes further than your own client base
  • Processes that help executing tasks even faster and more effective
  • Marketing and business calendars that allow for consistency
  • Brand language and guiding values that keep your team on task to create consistent marketing and relay a synchronous message in the world

These 4 tenets may sound like a lot. You might feel overwhelmed even. These tenets show up differently at different stages of business. You don’t have to get them all, you don’t have to get them perfect.

All you need is to be aware of them and have the right support to work on them. We will talk about that later in this letter.

Here are some of the successes these
4 tenets have led to in the past
decade working with our clients:

  • Created 6-figure cash generating campaigns in less than 30 days
  • Grew a physical clinical practice to 7-figures
  • Built 6-figure businesses in languages based markets
  • Created 6x growth in 18-months for companies already generating 7-figures
  • Took offline companies generating 7-figures to a complete online model creating 3x growth in 12 months
  • Brought clarity and focus to businesses to drive 2x revenue and profits in 6 months
  • Created successful revenue models and found profit wells to create a sustained future for companies
  • Took an entrepreneur with a successful but dissatisfying career to transition the whole company into a successful and joyous company
  • Helped tens of trainers and educators around the world start living their passion, aligned with their purpose, while creating a practical and successful business leading to abundance

Most companies that have worked with Global Grit Institute Partners have reported a growth of 20% to 100% in revenue. Most company owners report working less hours during and after their work with Global Grit Institute.

Companies we have consulted with :

An Invitation to Build a Business Predictably…

This year, we are bringing 75 Entrepreneurs to a closed door deep-dive to help them build & grow their education, coaching or wellness companies. These 3 days are designed for entrepreneurs like you who want to grow your company while working less.

Live Big Live aims to magnify the impact created and expand the results we have produced with a small group of private clients.

The event will be hosted from the 11th to 13th of October in Los Angeles, California.

What you can expect at LIVE BIG LIVE Los Angeles

This three day event you will experience:

  • These four tenets in action to drive momentum into your business & beyond
  • Consulting directly from the founders of Global Grit Institute
  • Pre-built systems to takeaway, tested over a decade to implement immediately in your business leading to direct result
  • Connection with other changemakers who are on their path to create positive impact in the world just like you

We will be diving deep in this event which means the days will get longer. We recommend you don’t plan any other activity during the course of this event.

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A Unique Venue for a Unique Event

Live Big Live is like no other event. It’s intimate, power pack, personalized. It is built on the foundation of our core values. Service and Love.

Which is why we didn’t want to host the event at a boring hotel that sucks your creativity and requires to bring layers of blankets so you don’t freeze while trying to focus on your freedom, success and impact.

We wanted something, creative, inviting, yet comfortable for you. Which is why, this year, we are bringing, to the stunning venue of Cross Campus South Bay. With breakout spaces, open patio and intimate seating, you are in for a treat. Here are some photos to tease what you are in for.

Cross Campus South Bay, El Segundo

Your Consultants at Live Big Live

Neeta Bhushan-Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

What Clients say about Live Big LIVE

Rafael Frenk
High Performance Coach

Beverley Bramwell
Leadership Coach

Vai Tama
Intuitive Life Coach, VIP Retreat Leader

Annelise Pesa
Executive, Leadership, Career Coach

Magda Matan
Personal Impact Coach

Debora Luzi
Coach, Healer Business Writing Club Founder

What Clients say about
Ajit Nawalkha & Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

“Revenue is up 30%”

After implementing most ideas for the website, my total revenue is up by 30%.
Just by changing the frequency of the opt-in sequence, sales from the newsletter went up by 25% overnight (=12% more total revenue).
I implemented that the morning after our session and July 15 was then the day with the most sales of 2018 🙂
The other biggest impact on the website was the column price.
So in total, revenue for the German site is up by 26% and for the international site by 37%. As you can imagine, almost without having further costs involved, profits doubled so far.
Thank you so much – your session has had such a huge impact on my business!

Udo Gollub

Founder 17 Minute Languages

“He is not a featherweight coach…”

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols
Founder, Motivating the Masses

“Saved me hundreds of hours of time…”

Joshua Dunlop

Joshua Dunlop
Expert Photography

“One of the sharpest entrepreneurs and
business growth experts in our industry”

Ajit Nawalkha spoke recently at our private high-end mastermind, and everyone was impressed. Ajit is one of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry. I highly recommend learning from him.

Eben Pagan

Founder of

“Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching.”

Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do…and Ajit has

Summer McStravick

Co-founder Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand

“Just start with your friends and family”

I was totally confused and overwhelmed between the advocates of sophisticated and expensive marketing for coaches and the “just start with your friends and family” approach, which seemed to me, would move at glacier speeds. Through the unique methods behind Ajit + Neeta’s guidance I was able to both understand the myriad of options that exist out there for coaches and explore what would be right for me at this particular stage of my business, since I just left corporate and have been doing that for 20 years. I don’t believe there’s anything out there quite as thorough and at the same time personalized, and I think it’s great for coaches wanting to launch or build their business on a solid foundation.

Cecy Shveid

Founder Itch to Launch

“ It is YOUR privilege to be learning and working with the best team.”

Showing me so much of what and how it is possible to do the best that we can in the world. The Serve Love mantra that you teach, I have embodied this wholeheartedly in what I do, with the podcast I started, and am so excited to take on the next level by living BIG. By having Neeta + Ajit by your side not many coaches do what they do, especially if you are a visionary and it’s difficult to think of all the tiny steps involved. They in fact are business consultants, with Neeta’s grace and Ajit’s talent of humility yet having been there, and scaled the number of clients that he has, it is YOUR privilege to be learning and working with the best team. A true gem, Ajit and Neeta together are an incredible dynamic duo, thank you so much for what you do and what you stand for.

Amrit Sandhu

Founder of Inspired Evolution Podcast

“Big hearts that are truly convicted to making you shine.”

Big hearts that are truly convicted to making you shine. Thank them wholeheartedly for helping me see the grandeur vision I was creating and how it transitioned into the multiple stages of my business. Neeta + Ajit, you can’t ask for a better team that not only is wise and equipped with ALL of the tools for your business, but that actually care for the mission that you stand for in the world. Generous humans, you would be lucky if you work with them.

Nitasha Sarin

Founder Empowered 360 & Global Changemakers

“The combination of both Neeta holding the space and creating the environment for us”

Ajit’s attention to the steps that we often miss when we are just starting the journey towards online marketing is beyond helpful. The combination of both Neeta holding the space and creating the environment for us to transform during the process you are getting a very powerful duo of two coaches and consultants ready to serve and your business in a much higher level. There’s is just no price for that.

Karyn Pettigrew

Founder of Beyond Blindspots

“I knew I was getting the best of both worlds.”

What can I say, both Neeta + Ajit came at a time when I was so ready to transition. I was a burnt out physician ready for my next chapter, ready to share my wisdom with the world but since med school doesn’t teach any kind of business with Neeta’s background in healthcare and business, and Ajit’s force for scaling and creating systems I knew I was getting the best of both worlds.Very excited for my next chapter in life thanks to these two!

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Healer & Spiritual Teacher

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