Success Stories

Lenka Lutonska

Coach, Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer

Joshua Dunlop

Founder :

Pascale Dube

Business Owner, Empathy Coach and Group Workshop Facilitator Montreal, Canada

I was stuck, felt a bit like a fraud. I had no idea where to start or HOW to structure my offer. It really made me jumpstart my business, gave me a clear path to thread. My confidence has been boosted and the FB community was DYNAMITE. This Quest is an ABSOLUTE must for any coach who has confidence issues or who feels like they need help with the business side of things. The Action Steps were well divided, easy to implement and all of the side content provided (examples of contract, packages, …) were REALLY helpful. I also learned quite a lot about how to qualify clients and changing my mindset when it came to ‘sales’ :). I always felt like the Universe provides when the timing is right and this Quest could not have come at a BETTER time for me.

Diana Blank

Stress Management Coach
Portland, Oregon, United States

I’m blown away with how much information this course provides, how simple it is to assimilate, how well it’s put together, and how many continuing education opportunities it provides. I’ve had massive mindset shifts in how to approach, market and sell my coaching services. This course gave the me confidence I was looking for to move forward.

Susan Goodrich

Director, trainer, coach, instructional designer
Toronto, Canada

I made a bold verbal statement to a group of women that I have started my coaching business and have 7 signups.

Lisa Nichols

Motivating the Masses

Scott Devine

Ted McGrath

Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Keith Krance

Dominate Web Media

Susan Lough

Former MD, Life Coach
United Kingdom

I have TRULY gone from 0 to starting my coaching business in 21 days.. unbelievable. I just got confirmation from my very 1st client and he has chosen my top value ‘commitment’ month package after only a 30 minute impromptu chat…. i’m in disbelief but know I can do this work and help him change his life from the inside out. I’m very much in rocket ‘develop while on the job’ mode. Well, I can say, if you want it, the quest does what it says on the tin! Thank you to you and your team as I know there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, I hope you can pass this message on to everyone and let them know their work is appreciated more than they could imagine.

Christine Stein

Transformational Coach
Berlin, Germany

Today I actually believe I can start coaching very soon, as I have a clear picture of how the whole framework works, and I feel energised and self-confident to deliver a great service. I am also very happy that I managed to define my Avatar – this was key! Before I started this quest, I saw the possibility of starting a coaching business as something that would need at least a year of preparation, or even more. I did not realise that I actually am ready to start much sooner! As I now know exactly what I need and have gone through the process of putting it all together, I feel confident that this career is going to launch in the next couple of months and that there is no doubt I’ll be successful. This is a very hands-on, practical course that brings, in just a few weeks, total clarity as to how to start this business. Total recommend it!

Desi Kutsarova

Holistic LifeCoach
London, United Kingdom

I have experienced transformations in different parts of my life starting with confidence levels, growth at different areas of coaching and life, knowledge about the process of coaching. Before, I felt insecure and unclear about my coaching path. Being on the quest brought a lot of knowledge, clarity, direction and simple steps I can take for a really short time! I have already recommended it to a few friends, I invited a few friends to do it together as I have always had an incredible experience with Mindvalley and Evercoach! I am excited for the people who are taking the decision to join. I love the quest!