Ajit Nawalkha and
Dr. Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

Live Big

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Passion,
Practicality and Purpose

You have the power to accomplish goals, create an impact, and live the life you want.

The key to achieving what you set out for—in business and in life—doesn’t lie in perfectly executed strategy. The greatest tool you have is your own mindset—it determines your ability to adapt and persevere. And, like any other tool, you can employ it to your advantage.

While most aspiring entrepreneurs think the next business strategy will manifest the life they desire, successful entrepreneurs know it’s the emotional and mental “shifts” that will bring you closer to your goals.

In Live Big: A Guide to Passion, Practicality, and Purpose, Nawalkha shares 25 shifts—changes in your mental, physical, emotional, or even spiritual state—that will propel you on your road to success.

Through Nawalkha’s expertise, discover how this book will:

  • Bring you out of any funk or stagnant revenue cycle

  • Give you the emotional, spiritual, and mental power to fight the ups and downs of business

  • Show you ways to deal with everyday challenges, find comfort in them, and get past them in 20 minutes or less

  • Help you cope with ‘entrepreneurial anxiety’ and find purpose, passion, and bliss in your business

Live Big is the go-to guide for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be in a state of flow and creativity, to ensure your passion is backed by purpose and practicality.

With principles and foundational thinking habits that allow you to move from a place of defeat and anxiety to one of joy and contribution to humanity, this book will serve as a compass that you can pick up and find direction to keep moving forward in today’s world of entrepreneurship.

Emotional GRIT

8 Steps to Master Your Emotions,
Transform Your Thoughts & Change Your World

  • What if the emotions of your past experiences continued to secretly control your life today?
  • What if these residual, inner blockages prevented you from truly connecting with, trusting and working with others?
  • What if your life was a continuous loop of the same story being retold with slightly different characters and settings no matter where you are and which people you choose to have relationships with?
  • So many of us have been wounded with emotional pain at some point in our lives and are still carrying this emotional stress with us. It not only affects your emotional strength and intelligence, which influences your ability to make clear, conscientious decisions, but can prevent you from your optimal potential in achieving success, happiness and fulfillment.

To define the new era of leadership in your own lives, it’s time challenge your thinking. Emotional GRIT establishes a new model of human leadership within and beyond the workforce – to build a more heart-centered, compassionate environment in companies, communities, schools and families – so that you can master your inner-strength and positively impact the world around you.

What causes someone’s actual transformation, why is it we hide behind our “masks”, and what does that say about your current leadership. To achieve authentic happiness we must first uncover what stories are playing themselves out in our lives.

How can you shift your own lives as a result once you become more self-aware and practice more compassion and empathy within your own lives to create ripple effects in your world as a result?

The process is simple and designed to give you a powerful framework to GROW, REVEAL, INNOVATE and finally TRANSFORM your life and become the compassionate leader you and the world desperately needs, one with true Emotional GRIT. CONSIDER THIS BOOK YOUR VERY OWN EMOTIONAL ‘GRIT-KIT’.

The Book of Coaching

For Extraordinary Coaches

  • This book is for the coach who has so much to give, you wake up thinking about how to contribute more.
  • The coach who wants to make a difference in the world and build an abundant life and business in the process.
  • The coach who wants to be more than good… More than great… this book is for the coach who wants to be truly extraordinary.
  • This is not just a technical manual or a motivational manifesto. This is not a book with vague theories and philosophies.

It’s a practical, actionable guide you can come back to again and again. It includes specific structures, techniques, and tools you can consistently use to establish your reputation as an extraordinary coach and create a highly successful coaching practice.

The Book of Coaching will show you how to:

  • Become an extraordinary coach using the exclusive, results-driven, 3-phase approach – You, Your Methodology and Your Business. – Create a thriving, profitable coaching business even if you’re a brand new coach..
  • Implement simple but powerful personal and business strategies to get unstuck, crush fear, and consistently deliver transformational results for your clients.
  • Maximize your innate genius as a coach and get clear on your long-term vision so you can rapidly grow a successful, abundant coaching business that lights you up.
  • Use powerful tools and methodologies that will elevate your coaching skills, and establish your expertise and reputation as an extraordinary coach…
  • …and SO much more!