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Build Fast Growth Companies
and Live a Big Life .

We design and co-implement systems and strategies for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by 30%-100% while creating more time freedom. We focus on the areas of building a team, elevating company culture and process creation and optimization.

What is Global Grit Institute?

Global Grit Institute is a personal solution for those who create great products, deliver outstanding services and are well intentioned in action.

These are the do-gooders, mavericks, change makers. Individuals and organizations that choose to be a humanity+ company. The new advocates for climate, diversity, humanity. These are entrepreneurs who want to change the world, make money and live a full life.

We want to move the needle. The idea is to make everything better by being a better example. If we can move the line, if we can push the standard, if we can challenge what is, we shift perspective.

A shift in perspective is often all you need to shift reality. We are going to shift your perspective, your reality so you, the entrepreneur, builds a powerful successful business, and lives a big life.


Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

“Where we start is rarely where we end up. I should know.”

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, the advocate of emotional health, and leadership coach.

Neeta left her million-dollar dentistry practice to pursue her inner truth; a journey which saw her spend over 15 years across 45 countries researching and immersing herself in the field human behaviour, as well as studying the works of classical philosophers and modern psychology.

Her pursuit of knowledge to understand human behaviour in order to create positive life transformation is sparked by her own life experience to overcome multiple extreme adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and facing homelessness.

Neeta’s approach seamlessly blends the emotional grit she developed to overcome personal adversity with the understanding of human behavioural patterns. The power of her coaching and message has transformed the lives of thousands across the world and set the bar for a new form of emotional leadership.


Ajit Nawalkha

As Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach and the Host of Evercoach, Ajit has successfully built numerous online brands of coaches, authors, speakers, and online educators. Author of the best-selling book, The Book of Coaching, he has designed campaigns that have helped leaders train and coach thousands and generate millions in sales.

Over the past decade Ajit has built and sold numerous companies. Has lead companies like Mindvalley towards massive growth. Consulted several other companies to achieve 30%-100% growth year on year. He has been known to help companies build powerful, positive and progressive culture; create more time freedom for entrepreneurs; and create systems that would allow growth in companies at a rapid pace.

An expert in building and training on systems that virtually “run by themselves”, Ajit is known to be the brain behind many successful businesses that are household names. One of his core beliefs is that a life worth living is a life that is dedicated to being of service to others.

Ajit’s passion and purpose is to help entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and coaches create a positive impact in the world. Nothing makes him happier than watching honest, dedicated business owners achieve their dreams; knowing that he played a part in making those dreams come true.

What other clients have said

“I am forever grateful.”

With Ajit Nawalkha’s expert guidance, you’ll tap into the magic ingredient that can help your organization sink or swim: Your own outlook. Do not make the fatal flaw of thinking this sounds too simple to matter to you—it’s absolutely crucial. Ajit’s advising guidance has more than transformed my business, it’s transformed my mindset. I am forever grateful.

Lisa Nichols

Best-Selling Author and CEO, Motivating the Masses

“One of the sharpest entrepreneurs and
business growth experts in our industry”

Ajit Nawalkha spoke recently at our private high-end mastermind, and everyone was impressed. Ajit is one of the sharpest entrepreneurs and business growth experts in our industry. I highly recommend learning from him.

Eben Pagan

Founder of

“fierce, compassionate, grace”

Neeta is the embodiment of fierce, compassionate, grace. She is thoughtful in how she crafts your transformation because she has been there. For so many of us female leaders trying to achieve this sense of perfection, she has nailed this beautifully and is someone to continuously learn from.

Jessica M

Co-founder, Lean IN Asia, Kuala Lumpur

“Ajit’s astute awareness of business structures and systems is absolutely stellar!”

Within the first few minutes of talking with Ajit he pin-pointed the exact issues that were holding my business back from the next level. The clarity of his observations lifted a fog and opened my eyes to a whole new way of perceiving my business growth.

Laura Hollick

CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc.dreaming

“She is a powerhouse”

Dr. Neeta is someone I wouldn’t think twice about. She fully understands from a female perspective, asian perspective on the taboos, internal conflicts, and issues we can face in society. She’s not afraid to push you to think better for yourself. She is a powerhouse in helping you reach your goals. She has done the work, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and gives you permission to be yourself, despite what family or society may want from you.


Tash Fine Jewelers, Bangkok Thailand

“Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching.”

Ajit cuts right to the point in his coaching and teaching. I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do…and Ajit has

Summer McStravick

Co-founder Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand

“…inspires every person she encounters in a span of seconds”

Neeta inspires every person she encounters in a span of seconds. Her authenticity, and her desire to help others become better versions of themselves is how she wears her passion on her sleeve. If you have a chance to work with her, have her speak to your group (just like we did here), do not think twice. She’s highly knowledgeable in merging her life experience, charisma, brain and social science, and her love of people. We’ve even tried to have her live here so she can serve our clients too!

Melanie P

Co-founder Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand